Time is Valuable : Make Sure You Use It

Published on June 21, 2021

Time is an idea so simple that it is actually easy to forget, yet it is a concept so complex that we cannot fully understand it. It is easy to waste, yet so precious to those running short on it, Time, so valuable that people waste it just in hopes to gain it. We act like it will never end, until, it inevitably does for us on our personal journey.

How funny is it that we have such conflicting ideas about such a profound yet simple law of the universe? Thankfully, as we are stuck inside for an international pandemic, we have plenty of time( no pun intended) to think about how we want to use it. How should we be spending our time? What are some ways to maximize the time in our lives, or to use it to the best of the ability?

For one, I don't know all of the answers to these questions. They are posed to you, mainly for you to think and to rectify any situations that need rectified. However, here is my input.

In order to quit wasting time and to make the best of it, we must live our lives in a balanced approach. That means we must spend time at work, time with families, time with God, and time volunteering for a cause. Many of us either don't have that time, or don't want to take time to make time for it. Ironic. However, if you find your self in this situation, I do have advice for you.

DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE. This applies to all people in all age groups, all cultures, and all languages. As long as the activity does not affect your relationship with God or Family, do what you LOVE. It might be blogging,( this is one of my personal favorites.). It could be serving at a local church, or working a job that you are extremely passionate about. As long as you do it to the best of your ability and do it as if God is watching, you will succeed in at least some limited form, if not in a big way. This way, you will not be wasting your time. You are following your dreams, you are starting to experience why God designed you ( other than for worshipping him.)

Finally, even if you don't have anything your are passionate about, find SOMETHING. God loves his followers and wants them to enjoy their time on Earth. Just remember to spend time with the Lord, to forgive others, and to keep your eye on the bigger picture, the Glory of God. If we keeps these basic tenants in mind, we will not be wasting time, rather, we will be making the most of it!